August 11, 2015 Navy, Sailing, York River

Sailing with Big Ships



Stephanie and Rich Rahnama of Asburn, Virignia, took their family sailing among big ships on a beautiful day. As they cruised along the York River near Williamsburg, they first encountered a big tugboat coming up toward the Coleman Bridge. Then another tug showed up and stood off near the bridge. Before long, a US Navy warship approached after transiting from Norfolk Naval Base. Soon the USS James E. Williams was in view. It’s an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer named for a Medal of Honor recipient. The bridge opened to let the warship pass to Yorktown Weapons Station. After that came the Spirit of Norfolk dinner cruise ship, headed for Yorktown. It stopped, turned around, and left. I contacted the bridge by marine radio to ask what was up. “Trial run,” was the terse reply.

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