November 5, 2013 Geography, Hiking, Rescue, Sailing, Uncategorized, York River

Sailing vs. Bears


Sailing is easy. Walking is hard. Snookie and Adrian Baird sailed 20 miles on the York in a brisk autumn breeze, topping out at over 13 mph. That’s nothing compared to the 40-50 miles a day Adrian hikes on the Sierra Mountain trails of California. He burns 4,000 calories a day and runs through three sets of hiking boots every 400 miles. One time, at the west fork of the San Gabriel River behind Mt. Wilson, he got up one morning and encountered a 300-lb. bear 50 yards away, moving toward some trash cans. “I stood very still so as not to be seen, but she saw me anyway. She did a double-take at me and looked upstream to her cub to calibrate if there was any danger to the cub.” Another time he saw a mother and cub who were staring at him in deep concentration, or so he thought.” They were looking at a second cub, behind me. This was not a good place for me to be,” but the cub veered off in another direction to catch up. “They were conversing without sound, it was just amazing.”

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