July 22, 2015 Sailing, York River

Sailing to Slippery

Drew Biasotto owns and operates six full-service car washes in and around Wilmington, Delaware. He described some pratfalls while sailing with his wife Kim near Williamsburg.

“We make mistakes, things happen, we pay for it. But we don’t want to get a reputation as an easy mark, so we fight the bogus claims. One time, a woman slipped and fell, and guess what. A man behind her caught it all on video that he was playing with on his new camera. She tried to use it as evidence, but it was clearly staged.

“Another time, we had a dubious slip-and-fall but we couldn’t prove anything about the woman making the claim. Her lawyer held out for $50,000 and our lawyer offered to settle for $20,000. Her lawyer said, ‘No way, we’re going for the entire amount.’ Sure enough, the judge found us at fault and ruled in her favor. He awarded her $350.”


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