July 22, 2014 Sailing, York River

Sailing with Splendor

CorgiLuxury is in the beholder, and a magnificent sail on the York River is about as luxurious as it gets. Unless of course you’re a dog. Scott and Kathy O’Brien were visiting her sister from suburban Scottsdale, Arizona, where they left their welsh corgi at a pet resort. Scott said, “From the Wyndham, Kathy has been watching the corgi on a live webcam, but it’s more like a still photo showing every 30 seconds.” Kathy added, “Sometimes he’s completely out of the frame, but I saw his little butt in one photo.” They opted out of the swimming pool, massage service and TV. “It’s already costing more than to rent a car,” Scott added. The dogs get to frolic outside of the pen for 90 minutes a day, which Scott said is better than prison.

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