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Sailing into Space

??????????Gail and Claude Klink of Granville, Ohio, sailed into the sunset on a quiet evening on the York River amid discussion of myriad issues and reflections on life. Now retired as a teacher, Gail mentioned quietly, “I was on the list to go up in the Challenger.” It seemed like the boat stopped, as if to recall the disaster in January 1986. Gail was third on the teacher list after Christa McAuliffe and Barbara Gordon. “It was bitter cold that day, and I was sick with the flu. I thought they would cancel the flight, but not because of the O rings.” NASA officials held a somber memorial that was televised nationally. “The wives of Gus Grissom and Ed White were there with us,” Gail said, referring to the Apollo 1 fire of 1967 that also killed Roger Chafee. “Barbara eventually went into space years later, and I was there to watch it. We cringed, but it worked out fine.”


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