August 13, 2014 Sailing

Sailing and Shooting

??????????“I went all season without shooting a deer and finally dropped a white tail deer Nov. 14. I remember the date because it was my son’s birthday,” said Michael Allen, a fifth-generation railroad worker from Unicoi, Tennessee, while sailing with his wife Laura. “I was in my tree stand and it was snowing. I saw him in the distance, but he circled around into a holler. About 45 minutes went by and I didn’t see him. Then all of a sudden I saw something flicker in the snow at the top of the field. I laid my gun on the rest, and using a laser range finder I put the crosshairs on his shoulder and then raised the sights 10 to 12 inches higher. The shot blinded my view and I wasn’t sure I hit him since the gun is only rated for 150 yards.” Sure enough, he got the buck with a clean shot from a muzzle-loaded powder rifle, from 209 yards away.


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