May 26, 2015 Children, Sailing, Uncategorized, York River

Sailing Honeymoon


Sailing is supposed to be safe, comfortable, unique fun. So it was amusing to hear Nancy Evanson of Minnesota regale us with the story of her son’s sailing honeymoon. “They wanted to sail away on Lake Minnentonka and spend their honeymoon out on the water. When they departed, he forgot to untie all the ropes and ripped out a piece of the dock, which they dragged behind the boat. When they got to the spot to anchor, he threw out the anchor only to find it wasn’t attached to the rope. They managed to tie up to somewhere, and then the rain came. It poured and got them all wet. They decided to go back to the dock, but because it was night they couldn’t see where it was since they had left during daytime. They finally made it back around 4 o’clock in the morning, exhausted. I think they wound up having breakfast at a Country Kitchen in town.” I asked if they’re still married. “Yes, happily.” Do they still sail? “Yes they do.”


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