November 11, 2013 Children, College, History, Military, Sailing, Uncategorized, York River

Sailing into History

While his brother Henry Gaston adroitly sailed in a stiff and blustery breeze on the York River, John Gaston explained to family and crew the Battle of the Hook at GlouceBanistrester Point in 1781. Lord Cornwallis assigned his brave young warrior Lt. Col. Bannistre Carlton to take on the Allies during the thick of the Battle of Yorktown, across the river. Carlton was wounded in the event and did not return to command. He was still in his 20s. Henry’s telling defied my feeling that history can’t be taught to high school students because it’s too much rote memory. The boys’ father, David Gaston, is himself an educator who refuted that by saying kids can learn history if the story is told in a compelling way. John proved the point.


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