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Sailing the High Seas

Sailing the High Seas

On a day with the winds blowing a steady 20 mph, Tim Mills of Williamsburg went sailing on the High Seas on a 36-foot Hunter out of Norfolk. He went out into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay at the Atlantic Ocean. He skillfully performed a series of maneuvers to demonstrate his sailing proficiency after taking ASA’s 101 and 103 courses through Sail Time Virginia Beach.

He played the wind well as seas built beyond three feet. The 18,000 lb. weight of the boat helped cut through the swells. He did swell, having sailed 40- and 50-footers in the British Virgin Islands in the past while on vacation. Tim will sail this boat, Blue Moon, as part of Sail Time’s membership program, which allows people to enjoy adventurous sailing without having to buy a boat. 

Closer to port, Tim executed maneuvers to turn the boat 360 degrees in the same spot and showed how to dock parallel as well as back into a slip.

Sailing the HIgh SeasHe got to watch Sail Time’s Capt. Dave Wilbur demonstrate his “Indian warp line” departure using a unique spring line.” On windy days when the bow is blown up against a piling, the warp steadies the stern and allows for a safe and straight exit from the slip. A line is extended from the aft quarter cleat on the windward side to a looped line on the dock and back to the aft winch. From the wheel, the helmsman can easily pay out the line while slowly motoring straight out of the slip. When three quarters out, he releases the springline and quickly pulls it back to the boat. Voila.

Let’s Go Sailing on the High Seas

The season is open for sailing on warm sunny days. Check rates and pick a day for a sailboat charter. See reviews on Trip Advisor from sailors just like you.


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