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Sailing through College

Keith, Louisa and MacKensie Thomas of Salem, Ohio, enjoyed a brisk afternoon brushing up on the Battle of Yorktown from the perspective of the York River. Louisa teaches American history during 1650-1850 at a private college, where some of her best students are in their 40s. They are matriculating for job purposes or to revive their pursuit toward a degree. On the other hand, she is distressed after 20 years of teaching that young people are intellectually lazy, sailing through college as it wereThomas. They have little appreciation for education and are increasingly unaware of their world surroundings. Keith and I agreed with her solution: “Once they graduate from high school, teenagers should spend two years serving in the military to learn about public service and the nation as a whole,” she said. When was the last time you heard that from a liberal arts professor?


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