August 19, 2014 Sailing, York River

Sailing & Biking

??????????“For years I was sitting on the couch, and had a belly to show for it. I told myself, ‘I’m sick of this body, I’m going to change.” Stephen Borza, 52, of Virginia Beach described his mid-life change on a serene day of sailing along the York River. He became a “Century Challenge” bicyclist, pedaling events of 100+ miles such as “Mountains of Misery” in Blacksburg (two mountains) and “Blood, Sweat & Gears” in Boone, North Carolina. “It’s all mountains; they don’t even count them there.” He’s ridden up to 12,000 feet elevation in the Rockies. “I love to ride with the pros, but after seven miles they drop me like a bag of apples.” By contrast, “Rookie riders are stopping every 15 minutes for drinks and food.” Weight is crucial. “This year I lost 32 pounds to increase my power-to-weight ratio to make me more efficient. I’m so weight-conscious that I don’t even wear my wedding ring while riding.”


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