June 24, 2014 Alabama, Children, Rescue, Sailing, Tornado, Uncategorized, York River

Sailing beyond a Tornado

DSCN3810What’s it like to live through a tornado? Misty Brooks and her two daughters survived the infamous E5 of 2011 that tore through Tuscaloosa and hit their community near Ft. Payne, Alabama. As the tornado approached, “My husband rushed home, left his truck running, and once he found we were safe ran out to turn it off. But trees were being sucked out of the ground by then. Inside, the light fixtures were sucked right out of the ceiling.” When it was over, they came out of their safe room to find everything in the house gone, into the wind. A big piece of carpet was found 400 yards away. “We had just bought the house four months earlier.” She and her friend Terry sailed a zippy York River with Misty’s daughters and found it positively tranquil.

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