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Sailing Below Air Force One

Sailing Below Air Force One
Sailing Below Air Force OneTwo couples from Pennsylvania and New Jersey got to sail the expansive and historic York River while Air Force One flew overhead. The presidential jet, of which there may be three, flies from Dover AFB to Langley AFB in Hampton to do touch-and-go practice landings.
We saw the plan fly low and slow across the York several times, and once directly overhead. It’s distinguished by a robin’s egg blue hull and the American Flag on the fantail.
Sailing Below Air Force OneOf course, it’s officially Air Force One only when the President is on board. One time we saw President Obama fly over at several thousand feet. He was on his way to North Dakota to visit his 50th state. The plane is indistinguishable at that height. But it was distinctive for the diamond of four fighter jets surrounding the plane. Mighty  impressive.

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