Rookie Sailors

Lou Ann Bell of Virginia Beach took her friend Dee from rural Missouri on an evening cruise with SailTime Virginia Beach. Lou Ann did great as a rookie running the helm of a 36-foot Hunter along the coast past Thimble Shoals Light toward Hampton. Once, they took a balloon ride together in Arizona, but this lasted longer and didn’t have the startling sound of a fire thrust every few minutes.

“It’s so quiet out here,” Dee marveled. Lou Ann added, “I also did iFly here, indoor skydiving where you’re in a tube with an observer as you free-fall against a wind tunnel effect.” That only lasts a minute or so. “This is awesome!” Lou Ann concluded and Dee concurred.

Author: Capt. Bill O'Donovan

Retired newspaper publisher is now in his sixth season as a sailing charter captain. Visitors and locals enjoy the scenery and the sailing on the historic York River.