September 2, 2015 Dog, Rescue, Sailing, York River

Rescue Dog Can’t Sail

Carrie and Kevin Smith of Greenfield, Indiana, got to talking about their rot chow dog while sailing on the York River with another couple.

“She was a rescue dog, a mix of rottweiler and chow. We made the mistake of telling our insurance company her breed and they dropped us because they consider both dangerous. She had been abused but was nice to everyone, except certain men. She couldn’t go on a boat because she would just jump off into the water.

“We got to spoiling her with cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. It got so that she could recognize the golden arches as we drove by and would whine for a cheeseburger. She was just cutest thing. Her front legs gave out, so we rigged a toy lawnmower so she could move around. When she was dying, we took her to McDonald’s for her last meal and someone offered to buy the cheeseburger for us, out of kindness.”

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