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Polynesian update

Polynesian update

Here’s a Polynesian update on that rickety pontoon sailboat Hakulai that was last seen towed out of the York River in May after two weeks on tour in Yorktown. It’s called a canoe boat but it’s more like two kayaks lashed together.

Polynesian updateWith crews changing every month, the boat set out from Polynesia to recreate a round-the-world tour that apparently is part of its history. Yorktown was on the East Coast leg of the trip. The web page hasn’t been updated since March, and the Facebook page since May. “We are voyaging 60,000 nautical miles to more than 100 ports and 27 nations.”

John Raines, a marina colleague, sent me a more recent video that shows the boat transiting the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway. That followed a landing in Washington and perhaps New York but I can’t tell. Then they proceeded up to Maine and Canada. The boat is scheduled to head back down the coast to Florida before transiting home past Africa to the Pacific.

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Polynesian update


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