April 20, 2015 History, Sailing, York River

New Yorktown Museum Opens





The public got its first peek at the new American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, which will open in phases this year. During an open house, officials with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation gave guided tours. The building overlooks the York River in a long hallway configuration like that of the Jamestown Settlement galleries. The Yorktown galleries aren’t finished yet, but the building is and it’s magnificent. A hands-on exhibit encourages visitors to grab a replica sword from the French, British and American forces (they’re heavy). The orientation movie transcends the typical museum hype by focusing instead on the concept of liberty. A William & Mary history professor reminds us that we already had liberty as the war evolved, but we had to preserve it by defeating the British. Man-on-the-street interviews in Yorktown, Williamsburg and Richmond find eloquent statements that seem spontaneous and unrehearsed.

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