November 10, 2013 College, Sailing, Uncategorized, York River

National Disgrace

HouseboatOver the course of the sailing season, hundreds of guests articulated many problems facing America today. The worst was Congress for acting dysfunctional, followed by insurance companies for capricious rate hikes. Significant criticism was aimed at banks, whose overly tight credit squeezes newcomers out, aggravated by stupidly bureaucratic behavior that makes bankers impossible to work with on short sales. Here’s a typical story. Sean Kossman invests in college condos in Blacksburg. To complete an ordinary deal, he had to pony up $20,000 into his bank account to meet some unstated, arbitrary minimum. He stopped everything that day, went out and found the money, deposited it, and was then told by the bank of yet another delay. “Your account has been flagged because a large sum of money was recently deposited.”


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