September 7, 2014 Sailing

Melancholy Sail



MELANCHOLY SAIL – Watching the flag flutter on the tall ship Eagle in the York River brought back memories of Sept. 11. Don Birkenhagen of Pennington, New Jersey, recalled, “I worked on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center and had just left a three-month consulting job a week before the attacks. I lost all but two of 32 people I worked closely with. I think about them every day.” Roseanne Gaston was visiting New York from Kansas. “I was going to take my mother to dinner at Top of the World restaurant Sept. 10, but it was raining too hard. We decided to do lunch instead the next day.” She paused and looked at the ship’s flag. “Driving back to Kansas, it was impressive to see so many American flags flying from buildings, homes and everywhere.”


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