August 24, 2014 How to, Sailing, York River

Mariner Aid

While sailing the York River late in the day with two couples from Williamsburg and Toronto, a commercial waterman hailed us for help. He had suffered a broken fuel line and was looking for a tow into the nearby Perrin River. My boat was too small to pull his deadrise, so we offered to call Tow Boat US in Poquoson. He declined, perhaps because of the expense. So we used marine radio to reach Crown Point Marina on the Perrin. A third party from the marina got on the radio and offered assistance with his 25-foot motorboat, “Jarrett.” The family onboard the deadrise was grateful for the quick response. “God bless you,” a woman shouted from across the water. The event was a reminder that mariners depend on each other for help, since the Coast Guard can’t be everywhere.

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