August 11, 2014 Navy, Sailing, York River

The Law at Sea

??????????Some 450 paralegals assist Judge Advocate attorneys in the US Navy. Veda May has 22 years of experience and was on the carrier USS Enterprise when the SEALS captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. “We have to follow the law of the admiralty, but of course terrorists don’t worry about that,” she said while sailing one beautiful evening on the York. She’s seen her share of pirates, and when they’re captured, “We make sure they’re treated fairly onboard, fed well and clothed.” Paralegals often represent the government in separation proceedings to muster out the bad sailors. The defense is always represented by attorneys. “It’s great when a paralegal can prevail over a lawyer in that setting,” she said. After retiring next year, she’s off to law school, perhaps UVA. “I’m passionate about the law.”


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