August 29, 2014 Alabama, Weather, York River

Imperfect Storm

??????????When Ivan smashed into the panhandle of Florida in 2004 as a Category 4 hurricane, Jerry and Linda Morrison lost their house in Gulf Shores, Alabama. “It washed completely through and swept everything with it, leaving it barely standing,” Linda recalled while sailing and sightseeing on the York. Jerry added, “It took two years to settle because the insurance companies don’t want to part with the money unless it’s only a repair job. Our house was totally destroyed. The first offer was for 25 percent of the value.” They were patient, and instead of getting an attorney, “We hired an engineer to make the case. Eventually we got the money.” Today they’re developing small houses along the coast, “with 2 by 6 framing instead of 2 by 4, beyond required code.” Jerry surveyed the York River and added, “We just love living on the water and wouldn’t give it up for anything.”

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