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Extraordinary Couple

Some amazing people enjoy sailing when they aren’t saving society. Megan Key and Justin Gerner are engaged to marry and enjoyed sailing the York River on a warm fall day. Years ago, Megan’s grandfather and uncle complained about poor service at their VA hospital. One day she accompanied a second uncle to the VA as he tried to get a drug prescription renewed. “It took 12 hours and was just horrible for him.” As a result, she got her master’s degree and became a social worker at the VA hospital in Durham NC, where she’s “just trying to do my part to change the system.” Later on I asked casually what she might do in the future. “I’d go back to disaster relief,” she said wistfully. (See more on that tomorrow.) Meanwhile, Justin is a civil engineer who left his firm when a big company took over and changed how things worked, and notably the culture. Eventually, so many engineers left that the company realized their error and recruited them back under revised conditions that preserved the original culture. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Gertner

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