December 2, 2013 Children, Geography, Sailing, York River

December Sailing

Who says it’s too cold to sail? Tonya and Chad Adamson of Newport News took his Aunt Deb and Uncle Doug Thomas sailing on a brisk post-Thanksgiving sail along the York River. The sun was shining and the temperature inched up to 50 in a still calm that left the river glassy, but the air was warm. The Thomases are hardy sailors, for he is certified by ASA for offshore catamarans and they have circumnavigated the British Virgin Islands. They are thinking about a sailboat to trailer around lakes in Colorado, where they live, but first they may get an RV and roam the West. It’s easy to assume that people out there have already seen the West, but it’s a big country. The families enjoyed a fine afternoon and were good sports when suddenly the engine backfired. That required a tow to port, which I fortuitously got from my friend Sebastian Salas, who was nearby on the river.


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