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7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat

7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat
Everything is better on a sailboat, especially food. Here are 7 menu ideas for a sailboat to make the voyage a culinary adventure. 
  1. Subway

Consider Subway a metaphor for any take-out food from chains, supermarkets and restaurants. Subway just happens to be the most popular for Let’s Go Sail guests. Pick up your order, bring it with you and eat whenever you’re ready. Bring your own beer and wine, and we have bottled water on board, on ice. Most people dine in the cockpit while others take their plates up to the bow if the York River is calm.
  1. Picnic

7 Menu Ideas for a SailboatBuy a box lunch anywhere or prepare your own family picnic at home and bring it with you in a fancy basket. Store everything below in the cabin until you’re ready to eat. This is especially good for families with unique dietary needs because they can take care of the situation themselves, discreetly. Sometimes the meal is the only time you can kids to put down their cellphones. 
  1. Catering

Many restaurants in Williamsburg offer catering take-out. Check out their menu online and plug everything in the night before you sail. Then pick up the arrangement the next morning on the way to the boat. This works especially well for special events such birthdays and anniversaries.
  1. Spread

7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat

Unpack lunch below in the cabin.

Some guests prefer to make a major event of the day, so they bring two and three courses of food made at home. One course after another is brought up from the cabin, to the delight of everyone. They start with cheese and other appetizers and then move on to main courses of shrimp, chicken, deli meats and so on. Then follows elaborate deserts, all heralded with wine or champagne. A group of Filipino nursing students brought just such a spread on board. They had such a good time sailing and singing that they completely forgot to eat. 
  1. Marina

Sometimes families prefer to wait until after the 11-2 sail to eat at the picnic tables offered by York River Yacht Haven. This makes for a less messy affair since the boat isn’t heeling and there’s more room to spread out. You’re welcome to grab any table after the sail.
  1. Restaurants

Others prefer to dine in a restaurant, and there are plenty. York River Yacht Haven offers an excellent fish and beef family restaurant. Across the water, Yorktown has five restaurants nearby. All of them have a view of the water you just sailed.
  1. Snacks

7 Menu Ideas for a SailboatThe previous six scenarios cover situations for the first sail of the day, from 11 to 2. For the afternoon sail of 2:30 to 5:30, many guests bring snacks in the form of chips, cheese, fruits, vegetables, cookies, brownies and so on. As per usual, beer and wine are welcome along with champagne for special events.

Let’s Go Sail, and eat

Check rates and pick a day for a sailboat charter. See reviews on Trip Advisor. 
 7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat


7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat
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7 Menu Ideas for a Sailboat
Everything is better on a sailboat, especially food. Here are 7 menu ideas for a sailboat to make the voyage a culinary adventure. 
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